Emporia State University Foundation Gift Planning Services

A complimentary service to alumni and friends of Emporia State University

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“Did you realize that even if you haven’t taken the important first step of having a will or trust drafted, you already have an estate plan, because every state has a distribution plan that takes over when someone passes away without a plan. Most people find the state-provided estate plan very unsatisfactory and contrary to their wishes. Given a choice, we all prefer to exercise a measure of control over the final disposition of our property. Wills and trusts are the means to this end.”

John W. Griffin, JD
Stewardship Counseling, LLC

Be in Control: Establish a Will or Trust
Mr. John Griffin provides comprehensive guidance to individuals and couples who want to establish or update estate plans that minimize gift, income, and estate taxes. Emporia State University Foundation has contracted with Mr. John Griffin of Stewardship Counseling, LLC, to provide this free service to our alumni and friends.

All information is confidential.
Any legal work required is completed by an attorney of your choosing.

Services provided by:
Emporia State University Foundation through
Stewardship Counseling, LLC
John W. Griffin, JD
For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Shane Shivley at 620-341-6475 or sshivley@emporia.edu.
Appointments are limited.

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